About our cultural circle

Started in December 2011, on the initiative of Simona Sîrghie and Sebastian Doreanu, with the help of Prof. Dr. Anca Sîrghie and the Priest Ioan Bogdan, from the Parish of St. Dimitrie the New, the Romanian Cultural Circle from the American state near the Rocky Mountains, chose the renowned scholar, Mircea Eliade, as its spiritual patron, due to his vast erudition, and being a real Renaissance thinker through the variety of areas addressed (science, literature, etc.).

The organizers started this initiative with the goal of preserving the Romanian language and culture among the Romanian emigrants from this area, but also to make them known to the Americans.

Together with the church and the local organization RAFA (Romanian American Freedom Alliance), the Cultural Circle is intended to be a bridge between Romanians in their native country and those who chose to live in the diaspora. At the same time, we want it to also become a bridge between generations, so that young Romanian Americans, born here, can learn about their origins, traditions, and especially the language of their parents and grandparents. 

By their nature, human beings are attracted by beauty, harmony, generous ideas, and enjoying being with their compatriots, who love, appreciate, and admire the same things.

Our Cultural Circle offers all this spiritual gratification because it is the place where poetry (and literature in general) encounters and harmonizes perfectly with music, the plastic arts, history, philosophy, and religion.

The books presented here are gates that open horizons, and the guest writers are the helmsmen at the ship wheel of the imagination.

We are waiting for you to embark with us on this spiritual ship, on a journey to the world of beauty, for there are such wonderful places. Finding them means you have searched for them.

Simona Sîrghie and Sebastian Doreanu, captains of the Cultural Circle "Mircea Eliade" Ark.